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Guinea is a very small country in Africa, with about 4 million populations. The education system is patterned like France education system. French is the common language of teaching, and instruction. Apparently, it is given free of charge between the ages of 0 to 13. More than 32% of her population is currently in the higher institution. There are two public universities in Guinea, namely the University of Kankan, and University of Conakry and three professional institutes such as the institute of Mining and Geology, the institute of Agronomy and veterinary Science and the institute of Education. About 198 foreign students are here, many of them came from various African countries. Only 12% of her population is in the high institution. Upon graduation, students can occupy themselves with menial jobs if they can’t get work in their related field of study.

3 Top Universities in Guinea

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List of Universities in Guinea

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