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Canada with its great position among world’s leading study destinations has been placed in top 3 of most educated countries in the world. The rate of tertiary graduates is around 54.3% what proves country’s huge academic standards. Canada has 13 provincial higher education systems that consist of many universities, colleges, technical, applied arts and science schools. Educational institutions require paying of tuition fees, which vary by school. If you are an international student, tuition for you will be higher than for domestic students; however, the cost of studies is still less than in USA or United Kingdom. Foreign students can also apply for international scholarships, which are unfortunately very limited. Despite of this, the amount of cosmopolitan students in this country has climbed up to 7.4% in recent years. As Canada carries bilingual status, besides quality schooling you will be also able to gain new or sharpen your current skills in English or French.

10 Top Universities in Canada

Below is a list of 10 top ranked universities in Canada based on QS World University Rankings® 2013-2014.

List of Universities in Canada

We have found 85 universities in Canada.

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