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Below is a list of latest 5 articles published in our Articles section.

Opportunities in Japan for International Students

Japan is a land flowing with academic milk and honey. One of the prominent centers for the pursuit of academic excellence. If you are searching for a country where you will hone your skills and talent... [Read More]

Opportunities in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand is a beautiful country, and provides great geographic diversity; lakes, coasts, unique animals, plants and mountains. This is a country specifically designed with people with the spirit of... [Read More]

Scholarships in Canada for Foreign Students

There are minimal scholarship slots available for foreign students coming to Canada from abroad, although some institutions provide scholarships based on one’s academic excellence. If you are schoolin... [Read More]

Opportunities in Austria for International Students

There are thousands of opportunities for international students in Austria. You have so many reasons to study here. Almost all the universities and institutions of learning in this great country are r... [Read More]

Scholarships in USA for Higher Education

The United States provides a wide range of high quality academic options. There are more than four thousand accredited institutions which include universities, colleges, research universities, state u... [Read More]

Top Universities

Top Universities

Interested to study in the world's top universities? We have them listed here! Visit our list of world's top 100 universities, and find their websites to explore further. The top 5 universities of the world based on QS World University Rankings are:

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